The final Rules information will be ready in May 2021 (Subject to change)

Public Safety

Security and safety are of utmost importance. We work hand in hand with law enforcement and public safety agencies to help ensure the safety of our events. Because of those very same concerns, we are unable to publicly comment on detailed, specific actions which are taken. Some of the security measures you will notice upon your arrival such as bag checks, walk-through metal detectors (magnetometers) for all attendees, staff and performers, and dog sweeps.

Please note that we will implement searches upon festival entry. Please arrive early and note the Prohibited Items list, these will be confiscated / surrendered upon entry.

In the event of an emergency, information may be relayed on the video screens, over the audio system, and/or through mobile notifications.

If you, or a friend, require medical assistance please locate your nearest medical tent or alert a staff member.And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member or Public Safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Not Allowed In Venue

NO Aerosol Products
NO Air Horns
NO Animals
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO AVPs, Mods, Liquid Refills for Vapes
NO Chairs Incl. Inflatable, Folding
NO Chain Wallets / Chain Belts
NO Coolers
NO Cameras (Professional)
NO Detachable Lens / No DSLRs
NO Drones or Remote Control Vehicles or Toys
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia Incl. Cannabis, Cannabis Products
NO Flammables Incl. Fireworks, Explosives, Road Flares
NO Flashlights
NO Flyers, Samples, Giveaways, Promotional Items
NO Glass, Metal, Aluminum or Steel Containers Incl. Refillable Water Bottles
NO Musical Instruments
NO Kites or Sky Lanterns
NO Laptop Computers or Tablets
NO Laser Pointers
NO Massagers
NO Outside Food or Beverage
NO Personal Vehicles. Bicycles, Skates, Scooters, Skateboards, Hoverboards, Segways, Electric Scooters (Birds, Limes), etc.
NO Selfie Sticks, Tripods or Narcisticks
NO Sharpies, Markers, Paint Pens
NO Sleeping Bags
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Tarps, Tents
NO Toy Guns, Water Guns or Sling Shots
NO Umbrellas
NO Video Cameras
NO Weapons Of Any Kind

Allowed In Venue 

YES Baby Strollers
YES Backpacks, Purses, Handbags, Totes, Fanny Packs. Max size 20″ x 15″ x 9″
YES Blankets (Small) & Beach Towels
YES Binoculars
YES Cigarettes
YES E-Cigs and Vape Pens. No AVPs, Mods or Liquid Refills for Vapes
YES Ear Plugs
YES Eye Drops
YES GoPros
YES Gum and Mints
YES Hand Sanitizer and Baby Wipes
YES Hats
YES Lighters
YES Lip Balm
YES Makeup
YES Phones and Chargers
YES Sunscreen. Pump or cream only. No aerosols.
YES Sunglasses
YES Water Bottles. No Metal or Glass 40 oz. or Less. Empty when entering Venue. TSB21 limited-edition reusable water bottle (coming Soon)

Pass & Order

Coming Soon


Trapeton Summer Bash Festival is committed to creating a comfortable and fun experience for every one of our Fans.

These actions can get you removed from TSB21:
Irresponsible or unsafe use of alcohol.
Accessing restricted areas without proper credentials.
Taunting, abusive or offensive language.
Obscene or offensive gestures, including the use of obscene or offensive gestures through imagery or symbolism including banners, signs and other means of visual propaganda.
Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs.
Public urination or defecation (outside of a proper and/or public restroom).
Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort to anyone.
Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.
Participating in any activity that humiliates anyone or insults their human dignity.
Fraudulently claiming a disability.

Any individual who violates this Code of Conduct may be IMMEDIATELY removed from the festival grounds. Law enforcement may be notified.